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Come share the festive and exciting culture of the Caribbean islands with us this August 12th 2018. Seasoned CEO, Tamika Dunkley announced the first annual Caribbean Carnival event in Saugerties NY. " We have always wanted to do something to show our appreciation for the support of our community", says Tamika, "and the event is the best way to do that. We want all the people to come out and enjoy the day as we bring the joy of the Caribbean to them". The event will feature live music, authentic Caribbean food and Arts & Crafts. The festivities begin at 11:00 Am and ends at 5:00Pm. There will be face painting for the kids, a drummer circle and several other activities that will be fun for all. Vendors are welcomed and application forms for Vendors can be downloaded right below this article. Proceeds from the event will benefit Lighthouse TV23 of Saugerties, which is the local Community Cable Access Television channel 23 on Spectrum Cable.



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Ulster County Dept of Health Information for Food Vendors: Temporary Food Vendor Permit

Ulster County Dept of Health
Enviromental Health Services Division
239 Golden Hill Lane
Kingston NY 12401


Seasoned Delicious Foods Are Now Available

On NY State  Highways & Rest Stops

Now you can get  get your favorite Seasoned Delicious Foods product while on the go. Seasoned Delicious will be available for purchase on the entire NY State Thruway, many State Routes & Rest Stops.  Seasoned has been approved for the Taste New York  program and several outleys are already signed on.  "This program is very important to us and took a great deal of time to get underway," states Business Planning VP, Nigel Redman, "We strongly believe that our products can reach a great and appreciative audience where both local and visiting customers can now get our fine foods."


SEASONED BEGINS MANUFACTURING AT STATE OF THE ART FOOD FACTORYOn June 3rd 2018 Seasoned signed a contract with a major food manufacturer/co-packer in upstate New York to completely manufacture their line of Caribbean Hot Sauces, and Flavored Oils. The factory will also be producing the Above Earth line of new products for the fall of 2018.  "This has been a long time in the making", states VP of Business Planning Nigel Redman, "With the factory now online we can meet our growing delivery obligations much more easily". The factory located in the Finger Lakes area of New York has over 53 years of food manufacturing history.



Proud to be part of the AMAZON.COM family

CEO Tamika Dunkley announced the launch of the Seasoned Delicious AMAZON Store. "With the sales power of AMAZON, we can now reach a worldwide market and bring the products of the Hudson Valley to everyone", states Tamika. The plan to launch the AMAZON store has been in the works for a long time and the company is now poised to take advantage of the reach of AMAZON. VP of Business Planning Nigel Redman states, "Now that we have our factory manufacturing agreements solidly in place, we are ready and able to handle the sales that will result from being part of the AMAZON family".


The story of Seasoned was featured in the Hudson Valley Magazine this May.



Seasoned CEO Tamika Dunkley announced that they are preparing to move into their new corporate facilities located in Saugerties, NY. "This building will host our offices, and warehouse for all our products. We are very excited to finally move into this purpose built modern facility." states Tamika. The move is expected to be completed by end of July 2018.

Retired Business Executive Nigel Redman Joins the Seasoned Delicious

Board of Advisors

I am thrilled to be a part of the Seasoned Team. My work as a volunteer business advisor has been very rewarding.

Seasoned CEO Tamika Dunkley and her husband Martin were successuful in convincing me to join the team after my retirement from my previous job as VP of Engineering for Markertek.Com. I am delighted to see the company grow and expand. The success of their company is the reward for real hard work. 

Martin Dunkley, MTD Interface LLC Co-founder and Seasoned Delicious Production Manager utilizes technology to aide in the manufacturing process. "Without the use of some high tech tools we could not have grown as fast as we did", states Martin. "Computers and software are your best friend in business".

Seasoned Production Manager Martin Dunkley brings years of sales and product development experieince to the Seasoned Team.


Seasoned is very excited to announce that all of the wonderful Seasoned Delicious Gourmet Foods are now available on the website. Just log on and you can order our products along with thousands of other great ETSY products.



Seasoned Rolls Out Plans for National Distribution!!!!!!

"This is by far the biggest and boldest move we have undertaken so far", commented VP of Business Planning, Nigel Redman. "It is the American dream indeed". Plans are underway to expand the point of sale markets on a national level. Seasoned has retained the services of a distribution rep firm that has begun to present the Seadoned Foods producs to several national food distribution networks. Nigel states, "this plan has been in the works for over a year. With the launch of three tradenames and over 75 products, Seasoned is ready to go national". He does remind everyone that the core mission of Seasoned will never be compromised by this expansion: QUALITY & HEALTH

CEO Tamika Dunkley sees a bright future for SEASONED DELICIOUS


poised for national distribution


On Thursday, January 4, 2018, Seasoned Delicious Foods announced its formal grand opening. In operation for several months and gaining critical shelf space in local food markets and health food stores.

The company manufactures traditional Caribbean and tropical-style foods out of its Saugerties NY facility.



Founded by partners Tamika and Martin Dunkley, with the assistance of business consultant Nigel Redman, the company produces a variety of tasty Hot Sauces, Relishes, Oils and Seasonings that would be used in food preparation, garnishes, and finishing adding tasty zest to all foods for a  unique cooking experience.


Seasoned Delicious was created to fill the void for locally produced, healthy and nutritional artisan products. Developed from authentic passed-on family recipes, they are vegan, non-GMO and whole-food based. Company CEO and President Tamika Dunkley (pictured) said, “The growing market of those seeking healthy foods and flavors motivated our decision to start the company. Complimenting that decision was our dedication to creating food products that reflect the exotic flavors and spirit of Caribbean cuisine, which run deeply in our Jamaican roots.” Identifying a great opportunity, Seasoned Delicious’ founders are dedicated to creating exciting and reasonably priced healthy food products “for the body soul and spirit.”


Production Manager Martin Dunkley added, “For many years my mother, who we called ‘Momma Blossom’, cared for us and prepared the most delicious meals. Whenever we asked her how she became such a great cook, she always referred to her mother as her teacher. Her specific knowledge is a collection of passed-on recipes and food preparation techniques that are not found in cookbooks. It became our mission to translate these unwritten food formulas and preparation styles into a product we can manufacture and sell. It took a great deal of time and patience, but we convinced Momma Blossom to share her knowledge and cooking experience with us. We carefully documented her recipes documented a food process  that kept true to her quality and health values"  


Using their own funds, the Founders, with EVP Nigel Redman, have positioned the firm to be a contender in the booming gourmet food sector. Starting in a local leased kitchen, the firm received all the necessary New York State certifications, and has now contracted with a major food processor in the Finger Lakes region to handle its growing volume. Using a model of product excellence and planned, staged growth, the firm has quickly grown local market share, selling in over 15 regional retail markets, health food venues and boutique shops. They use E-commerce sales over their colorful, recipe-packed website They use modern social media techniques and are increasing their local following daily. Seasoned Delicious products can also be found in local Farmers Markets, at special events such as the Saugerties Garlic Festival, and at local tastings at Mother Earth.


Executive Vice President and Consultant Nigel Redman is quick to point out, "aftera years of development, testing and market studies, Seasoned is ready for staged national distribution". Our markets are not just West Indian and Caribbean residents but the ever growing general market for healthy exotic foods that are good for the taste buds and good for your body."



Seasoned CEO, Tamika Dunkley announced on December 4, 2017 that they have plans to launch the healthy line of food products under the label: ABOVE EARTH FOODS. This product line will feature ultra healthy delicious food products and condiments that are all wholesome and good for you as well.  "We spent over 2 years and quite a bit of funds to create and source these foods," states Tamika. The products will include salad treatments, spreads and nutritious teas mixes. Look for these products to be in our stores by end of August of 2018.

Afya is a Swahili word for health. At AFYA POWER PRODUCTS we strongly believe that healthy eating leads to a better life. Our products are rooted in the history of using traditional components of nature to create a balance of ingredients that promote and support self powered good health. We use no pollutants, additives or fillers that will compromise your immune system. The sources for our ingredients follow the same beliefs, and we never use any GMO or engineered growth products. Nature has a way of providing the best solutions for a balanced and fortified dietary lifestyle. At AFYA POWER we not only embrace that concept, we live by it.

Seasoned  Announces the Planned Launch of Their Own YOU TUBE TV Channel !!!!!

Seasoned is in the final stages of launching their own YOU TUBE TV Channel. The channel will feature Moma Blossom and CEO Tamika Dunkley presenting various dishes with instructions on how to create great Caribbean dishes. "We have retained the services of a top producer to guide us during this phase of our growth" states Tamika. "We want to bring the true West Indian personality and excitement to the TV audience". Plans for an air date of March 2018 are on schedule.

Our Famous Seasonings In New Packaging!!

With the success of our seasoning line we have been able to relaunch with new containers that will replace the original plastic bags. The new seasoning containers are 5.5 oz. and provide a standard shaker cap for easy dispensing. Get to one of our stores or visit us online to see the new packaging coming soon.

Seasoned Expands it Retail Store Distribution Locations!!!

In an effort to get products to your table, Seasoned has launched an agressive retail store outlet sales campaign. "We plan to have a strong local market presence" says Tamika Sultan, CEO of Seasoned. "Our second quarter 2017 goal is to have 30 store locations where you can purchase our products." Tamika has been personally visiting each location and setting up the displays and working with the product managers to ensure that the products are well placed and available to buyers. Stores are selected that share the mission of good health & nutrition that is the base model of Seasoned Delicious.

Meet Momma Blossom on our Face Book page....Make her your new friend.

Now you can see the warmth and love that inspired the Seasoned line of products. Momma Blossom is the "holder of the book" when it comes to recipies for true and authentic Caribbean foods. She can be found during the summer at our Farmer's Markets arround the Hudson Valley area. Be sure to visit her and talk about her heritage and the history of Caribbean foods.


We want to thank our many Face Book fans for their support. Seasoned has been exploding with more post and friends every day. We will soon be offering special promotions to our Face Book family to express our thanks for their support.

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