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Seasoned  Announces the Planned Launch of Their Own YOU TUBE TV Channel !!!!!

Seasoned is in the final stages of launching their own YOU TUBE TV Channel. The channel will feature Moma Blossom and CEO Tamika Dunkley presenting various dishes with instructions onhow to create great caribbean dishes. "We have retained the services of a top producer to guide us during this phase of our growth" states Tamika. "We want to bring the true West Indian personality and excitement to the TV audience". Plans for an air date of November 2017 are on schedule.


The new brand will offer a new range of products to a health conscious market. Seasoned will have 30 new products ready for this launch for January 2018

Afya is a Swahili word for health. At AFYA POWER PRODUCTS we strongly believe that healthy eating leads to a better life. Our products are rooted in the history of using traditional components of nature to create a balance of ingredients that promote and support self powered good health. We use no pollutants, additives or fillers that will compromise your immune system. The sources for our ingredients follow the same beliefs, and we never use any GMO or engineered growth products. Nature has a way of providing the best solutions for a balanced and fortified dietary lifestyle. At AFYA POWER we not only embrace that concept, we live by it.

Seasoned Delicious Catering Services

Now you can have that special Caribbean experience for your next party or occasion. Seasoned Delicious is very excited about their Catering Services. “This is how we started” states CEO Tamika Dunkley, “We used to provide personal food services and catering to many local companies and people.” The catering menu is 100% created with the Seasoned line of sauces, seasonings and relishes. Click on the CATERING SERVICES page and see our fabulous menu. Give us a call and make your next event special.

Our Famous Seasonings In New Packaging!!

With the success of our seasoning line we have been able to relaunch with new containers that will replace the original plastic bags. The new seasoning containers are 5.5 oz. and provide a standard shaker cap for easy dispensing. Get to one of our stores or visit us online to see the new packaging coming soon.

Seasoned Delicious CEO Tamika Dunkley and Production Manager Martin Dunkley

Seasoned Expands it Retail Store Distribution Locations!!!

In an effort to get products to your table, Seasoned has launched an agressive retail store outlet sales campaign. "We plan to have a strong local market presence" says Tamika Sultan, CEO of Seasoned. "Our second quarter 2017 goal is to have 30 store locations where you can purchase our products." Tamika has been personally visiting each location and setting up the displays and working with the product managers to ensure that the products are well placed and available to buyers. Stores are selected that share the mission of good health & nutrition that is the base model of Seasoned Delicious.


We want to thank our many Face Book fans for their support. Seasoned has been exploding with more post and friends every day. We will soon be offering special promotions to our Face Book family to express our thanks for their support.

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